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  • Staescolastica


    Facens (Soracaba Engineering College) originated from CRTS (Sorocaba Telephony Company), which was responsible for telephony in the entire Sorocaba area in the 1070s. The need for qualified professionals in the telecommunications sector propelled CRTS to create the Centro Regional de Tecnologia Santa Escolástica (CRTSE), commonly known as the Engineering School, in 1974. The Telecommunications and Electronics courses were the first to be offered by the technical school. Classes taught by the technical school were held in Colégio Santa Escolástica (school), which allowed the use of their premises as a courtesy.

  • Campus


    The fast development of the telecommunication sector in the region demanded specialized labor. In the same year the High School was implemented, the Associação Cultural de Renovação Tecnológica Sorocabana (ACRTS) – sponsor of the Engineering High School and of FACENS – filed a request with MEC (the Culture and Education Department) to set up the Engineering College in the city of Sorocaba. In October of 1976, an authorization was published so the first courses of the College, Civil and Electrical Engineering, could begin. These courses were given on the third floor of the Institute for Sciences and Arts.

  • Civil-eletrica


    Authorization granted to Electrical and Civil Engineering courses and published on the Decree nr. 78495 of September 30, 1976 (D.O.U. of October 1, 1976).

  • Foto2


    The beginning of Faculdade de Engenharia de Sorocaba. FACENS started its activities in 1977, with Electrical Engineering and Civil Engineering inside Faculdade de Ciências e Letras, downtown Sorocaba. FACENS has been idealized within a new teaching concept in Brazil that aimed at an integrated system of the engineering courses in the general and cultural education and departmentalized the engineering expertise.

  • Contru%c3%a7%c3%a3o


    The construction of FACENS campus started a year later, at 1,5 km of the Rodovia Senador José Ermírio de Moraes. On June 3, 1980, the Faculdade de Engenharia de Sorocaba was acknowledged by the Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC). On that occasion, the construction of the campus was well advanced and it was finished in 1984, when the buildings of the Electrical and Civil Engineering, Basic and Heavy, were ready, and where the laboratories, gymnasium and academic facilities were set up.

  • Alunos1980


    The first engineers from Sorocaba graduated at FACENS: 30 Civil Engineers and 30 Electrical Engineers.

  • Foto5


    Beginning of the construction of FACENS Multi-sport gymnasium.

  • Semeng92


    The Engineering Week has been included in the academic calendar of FACENS.

  • 1998a


    First FACENS Cup

  • 1978_%c3%8dcone_eng._computa%c3%a7%c3%a3o_job_5451_2015


    Computer Engineering Course started on February 25, 1998. Authorization granted by the Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC).Ordinance nr. 2263, published in D. O. U on December 22, 1997 Acknowledged by MEC Ordinance nr. 213, published in D.O.U. on January 16, 2004.

  • 2001b


    Mechanical Engineering Course started on August 1, 2001, authorized by MEC Ordinance nr. 2175, published in D.O,U. on December 12, 2000. Acknowledged by MEC Ordinance nr. 876, published in D.O.U. on April 11, 2006. The course was created in partnership with the companies of the region in order to educate updated professionals and adapted to technology and to environment of the Industrial Park of the region.

  • Facenstech_ipeas


    IPEAS started its activities inside Facens Campus.

  • 2002_mostraeletronica_qualidade


    1st Electronic Show (Exhibition). The show was the kickoff for TecnoFacens.

  • 1999


    1st Integration Games held in the second semester to promote the integration between the students of FACENS, FEFISO and IMAPES.

  • Urna-com-impressora-2


    Former FACENS student developed a program for the Electronic Ballot Box (Electronic Voting Machine) (UE96 and UE2002) in Brazil. Fernando Antonio Camargo, who majored in Electrical Engineering at FACENS, got this assignment when he was working at Unisys. He created the software of one of the machines according to the specifications provided by TSE (Higher Electoral Court) to participate in a public tender. “Our project won the tender and we produced the first electronic ballot boxes of Brazil. In total, more than 70 thousand machines were produced in a little more than three months of work”, points out Fernando.

  • Facenstech_lemat


    LEMAT starts as a Service Renderer. LEMAT Material Testing Laboratory started its activities as a laboratory strictly academic. Due to the development and to the needs of the region, the laboratory started rendering services of material testing to the companies. The laboratory first rendered free services and along the time it became an important service laboratory.

  • 2004


    FACENS started its Preparatory Course. The need identified by FACENS to level the knowledge among the public and private schools students led to start the Prep Course, and therefore contribute to the access of these young students to College.

  • 2004-4c


    Students from Mechanical Engineering present the Mini Baja Project to the companies. These students together with students from Electrical Engineering mentored (guided) by a professor developed the Mini Baja project to participate in the competition held by SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers).

  • 2005_2%c2%aamaratonaprograma%c3%a7%c3%a3o


    1st Programming Marathon. The event is an internal competition that follows the Programming Marathon of the Brazilian Computer Society (Regional South American of the competition of ACM) patterns. The marathon is a competition where teams made up of students solve computational problems, using technical knowledge, creativity, teamwork and ability for solving problems under pressure.

  • 2005_2%c2%aacoloca%c3%a7%c3%a3o_formulasaebrasil_competi%c3%a7%c3%a3o


    V8 Team gets the 2nd place in the SAE Brazil Formula. The team won the second place in the II Formula SAE Brazil-Petrobrás competition, automatically signing up to compete in California (USA) in 2006.

  • Dsc01309


    1st Freshman Week took place in FACENS from February 6 to 10. The objective of the event is to stimulate good relationship between the new students and their families with the College, through cultural and sports activities. Unprecedented, the initiative was for many students the opportunity to make friends at the beginning of the course and to know a little more teachers, employees and the College itself.

  • 2006_baja_1%c2%balugarconforto_equipe


    FACENS 'Mini Baja wins title of best in comfort. In its second participation, the youngsters of the FASE Racing won the title of best car in the comfort item, and were awarded the merit trophy by SAE Brazil. The 12th SAE Brazil - PETROBRAS Mini Baja Competition took place between March 30th and the 2nd of April, in Piracicaba-SP. Lighter, the 2006 FACENS Baja got more agile and showed better track performance, reaching 38th place.

  • 2008_rob%c3%b4estepe_vice


    OmegaBotz team participates for the first time of the Robot War and wins the 3rd Place on July 15 and 16, 2006, the team "Omegabotz", formed by 14 students of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering of FACENS participated in the 2nd edition of the Winter Challenge, At the Winter Festival, in Amparo / SP. For the first time in the battle, the team won 3rd place in the overall standings and was one of the highlights among the 24 participating groups.

  • 2006_gincananatal


    FACENS 1st Christmas Gymkhana collects more than 4000 toys. FACENS 1st Christmas Gymkhana was promoted by CAS (Social Assistance Center) in partnership with Events, Human Resources and Library departments with the support of FACENS board of directors, FACENS Jr, Student Academic Center and Prep Course (College pre-entry course). The activity mobilized the entire academic community and collected more than four thousand toys that were delivered by the "Angels of Joy" with students and volunteer staff to the following entities of the city: CHS, Santa Casa, Pastoral do Menor - Julio de Mesquita and Habiteto, Casa dos Queimados, AMAS, Quilombinho Project and Maria Claro Kindergarten

  • 2006_capa_sf49


    FACENS “Ligação Direta” changes its name to "Sou + FACENS". From the December 2006 issue on, the monthly FACENS newsletter became Sou + FACENS, in commemoration of the 30 years of the College, evidencing the constant search for improvement and innovations.

  • 2007_1%c2%baconseps_2


    1st Selection Contest of Social Projects – ConSePS. The selected entities were: Association of Autistic Friends of Sorocaba-AMAS, Educational and Beneficent Association of Vale da Benção and Doce Lar do Menor Irmã Rosália. Each one of them received R $ 10,000.00 to be used for the selected projects.

  • 2008_rob%c3%b4estepe_equipe_omegabotz_vice


    FACENS is runner-up (vice champion) in the national championship of robots In the 4th Winter Challenge, held on 26 and 27 July in Amparo (SP), the Omegabotz team won the 2nd place in the competition, with Robô Estepe. The robot bravely resisted the mortal blows of the 'bull', current world runner-up, during the three minutes of the competition.

  • 2008_diadaresponsabilidadesocial


    FACENS participates for the first time in the Social Responsibility Day In December. FACENS received from the Brazilian Association of Higher Education Holders - ABMES - the certification seal "Institution of Socially Responsible Higher Education" for its participation in the promoted "Social Responsibility Day" By the National Association, on September 27.

  • 2008_saemichigan


    V8 Team ranked 1st Place in Cost Report on SAE Formula – Michigan. The FACENS V8 team ranked first in the cost test, involving 122 teams from around the world. Fourteen countries from the Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania participated in this event. The V8 gained the right to automatic registration in this competition thanks to the fact that it was champion of the IV Competition Formula SAE Brazil-Petrobras, in Americana (SP), in November (2007).

  • 2008_sae_enduro_vice


    Team V8 ranks 2nd Place in Formula SAE Brazil. FACENS team won the 2nd place in the III SAE Brazil-Petrobras Formula Competition, automatically signing up to compete in California (USA) in 2009.

  • 2008_1%c2%aa_maratona_de_desenvolvimento_de_jogos


    1st Games Development Marathon. The FACENS Games Development Marathon is a technical and cultural contest that aims to encourage the study and application of technologies that involve the development of electronic games by students of the College.

  • 2009_equipe_v8_conquista_28%c2%aa_coloca%c3%a7%c3%a3o_na_f%c3%b3rmula_sae_west_-_calif%c3%b3rnia


    V8 team ranks 28th place in Formula SAE West – California.

  • 2009_2%c2%aa_coloca%c3%a7%c3%a3o_f%c3%b3rmula_sae_brasil


    Team V8 ranks 2nd Place in Formula SAE Brazil. FACENS team won the 2nd place in the III SAE Brazil-Petrobras Formula Competition, automatically signing up to compete in California (USA) in 2010.

  • 2009


    1st Participation of the Flying Box Team at AeroDesign SAE. FACENS Mechanical Engineering students rolled up their sleeves and built a model airplane to participate in the IX SAE BRASIL AeroDesign 2009 Competition - which took place in São José dos Campos, at the Taxi Station of the Department of Science And Aerospace Technology (DCTA). The participation of the students guaranteed an honorable mention like "More persevering beginner team” (“Equipe iniciante mais perseverante")

  • 2010_%c3%8dcone_eng._mecatr%c3%b4nica_job_5451_2015


    Beginning of the Mechatronics Engineering Course on 08/02/2010. Authorization: MEC Ordinance no. 1.619, published in D. O. U on 12/16/2009

  • 2010-3b_livrofacens


    FACENS becomes a book. Professor Christina Camila A. de Almeida gave life to the past of FACENS in writing the book "Origin and Foundation of the First Engineering College of Sorocaba". The successful track record, told point by point, translates the years of dedication to the quality teaching of FACENS.

  • 2011_35anos_capsuladotempo


    FACENS celebrates 35 years with a "time travel". A special action was taken to celebrate FACENS '35 years of activity. A booth set up at Esplanada Shopping had among its attractions an interactive game that gave visitors lots of fun. Within this system, it was possible to take pictures, play the "pong" or play the role of a virtual DJ, using the latest technology, but with the look of the old "bolachões" of vinyl. There were also actors characterized as ancient men of science, who reported on some of the great inventions of humankind. The audience could participate by suggesting inventions and technological resources that each one would like to have 10 years from now. The best ideas were deposited within a time capsule to be opened only in 2021. Thus, FACENS drew a parallel between the enormous progress achieved over the last 35 years since its foundation and the evolution that we will see in the near future. After all, as the slogan of this campaign states, "It is not possible to predict, but it is possible to create the future".

  • 2011_prediocfacens


    Beginning of the Construction of Building C in the 7 thousand square meters of construction, with more than 30 classrooms, all equipped with digital slabs, sound system and acoustic adaptations. With pre-assembled structure and modern architectural lines, besides using all available technology, it is there is also the sustainability care.

  • 2011-2b


    FACENS takes 1st place in the “Trote Legal” Award for the second consecutive year. The project "solidary prank - an act of citizenship" collected food for the victims of Rio de Janeiro tragedy.

  • 2011b


    V8 team ranks 21st in Formula SAE West – California

  • 2012_%c3%8dcone_eng._prod._job_5451_2015


    Beginning of the Production Engineering Course on 06/02/2012. Authorized by MEC Ordinance nr. 403, published in D. O. U on 09/22/2011

  • 2012_%c3%8dcone_eng._qu%c3%admica_job_5451_2015


    Beginning of the Chemical Engineering Course on 06/02/2012. Authorized by MEC Ordinance nr. 118, published in D.O.U. on 13/06/2011.

  • 2014_smartcampusfacens_mit


    Beginning of the Smart Campus FACENS.

  • 2015_%c3%8dcone_tec.jogosdigitais._job_5451_2015


    Beginning of the Technical Digital Games Course.

  • 2015_inaugura%c3%a7%c3%a3ofablab


    Opening of FabLab Facens

  • 2015_inaugura%c3%a7%c3%a3osalaamt


    Opening of FACENS AMT room.

  • 2016_%c3%8dcone_eng._alimentos._job_5451_2015


    Beginning of the Food Engineering Course.

  • Topeducacional


    FACENS has been awarded the “Prêmio Top Educacional” through the Smart Campus FACENS.

  • 2016_producaoreconhecimento


    The Production Engineering Course is graded 4,3, out of 5, by MEC.

  • 2016_quimica5


    The Chemical Engineering Course is graded 5, the maximum grade, by MEC.

  • 2016_%c3%8dcone_eng._agronomica._job_5451_2015


    First Admittance Exam for Agronomic Engineering.

  • Dri_logo-01


    Implantation of DRI - Department of International Relations.

  • 2017_inauguracao_crowd


    Inauguration of the FACE Space - Crowd Facens / LIS - Laboratório de Inovação Social.

  • 2017_entrega_predio_l


    Inauguration of Prédio L (Profª Heloisa Wey Beldi)

  • 8114-icone_curso_arquitetura-1


    Beginning of the new Architecture and Urbanism Course.

  • Dsc06203


    Reinstatement of Facens Gymnasium

  • 9336-alumni_identidade-05


    Beginning of the Alumni Facens Association

  • Idtechex


    Smart Campus wins IDTechEx Europe 2018 international award in the category "Best Technology Development IoT"

  • Premio_babson


    Facens wins the Babson Collaborative 2018 Award as "University of the Year" for having achieved the highest score in the entrepreneurship ranking of the global network of higher education institutions created by Babson College, which promotes entrepreneurial education. The faculty participated with the projects of FACE - Facens Entrepreneurship Center and surpassed another 34 institutions from countries such as Canada, South Korea, Mexico, Japan and Finland that are part of the Babson Collaborative network.

  • 2018_conquista_mec


    Facens gets MEC Institutional Evaluation Maximum Grade

  • 2018_v8_michigan2018


    Team V8 Racing Facens remains at the top of the Formula SAE International - it won the first place among the Latin American teams in Formula SAE, a competition that took place in Michigan, United States.

  • 2018_labmanufatura


    Inauguration of the Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory 4.0 in partnership with Festo.

  • Reinaugura%c3%a7%c3%a3o_biblioteca_facens


    Library and Study Room Facens reopening event, and opening of the Exhibition "Sensitive Look".

  • Mac_2257


    "Qualcomm IoT Reference Center" opening event.

  • 2019-1


    Facens gets MEC Institutional Evaluation Maximum Grade